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Innovative Ideas to Promote Inspiring and Connected Organizations

  1. Michael K Thompson

  2. Speaking & Consultation


Business Leader and International Speaker.


For over 20 years, Michael has been sharing his expertise in organizational leadership, child development and staff recruitment and retention though a unique lens developed through a wide-ranging career and the science-based framework of interpersonal neurobiology .  His engaging personality allows his audiences ready access to topics that are current and relevant to the emerging research that has shaped the evolving landscape of today's workplaces. 


Michael is based in Austin, Texas and works as the US Director of Smaller Earth, an integrated global cultural exchange and travel company with 15 offices worldwide.  Guided by the values of ambition, excellence, innovation, passion, trustworthiness and self development, he currently sits on the Global Leadership Team for Smaller Earth to promote these values in individuals, groups, communities, and the world at large.  He is the founder of Lantern Camps, a marketing collective and think tank of like-minded camps.  His collaborations with researchers and business leaders have led to other successful ventures like Lantern Reveal which provides innovative psychometric assessments for the camp, school and au pair industries. 


Michael is proud to serve as a board or committee member on several not-for-profits in the camp and youth services industries.  He is well-respected for his innovative ideas, management style, and his ability to inspire connection and resilience in teams and organizations

Whether it’s a large conference, a smaller classroom, an in-depth workshop, a collaborative panel, or a small group, his engaging presence as a speaker and his incredible knowledge from working in many areas allows his audience to think, learn, relate, connect, apply, and even laugh.
— Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, New York Times bestseller and internationally renowned speaker
Michael’s business sense through the many successful projects he initiated provides a pathway for us all to grow. He demonstrates emotional intelligence, which is particularly valuable in a team; he is a great listener, very attached to making sure everybody understands the “big picture” aspect of things.
— Claire Bichet, Projet Transformation